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USA - MAAAX Alfalfa Forage Cubes - 50lb bag

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MAAAX ALFALFA FORAGE is a consistent, high quality and convenient feed for your horse every day of the year. These cubes are produced from premium quality leafy alfalfa, harvested at the optimum moment for nutrition and palatability. LONGfibe forage cubes are the natural choice for a healthy, happy horse. These alfalfa cubes are highly digestible and a much more efficient source of protein, minerals and vitamins than even the best quality hay. Easy to store, easy to handle these forage cubes deliver the same high quality nutrition & taste all year long!


PRODUCT TYPE:                         SIZE: 

Alfalfa Cube                                   50 lb


100% Alfalfa

Food grade bentonite used as a natural mineral binder


Crude Protein (min) …………..15.0%

Crude Fat (min) ……………….1.5%

Crude Fiber (max) ……………32.0%

Moisture (max) ………………..12.0%


Feed at a rate of 1.5-3of horses body weight

(10lbs for a 1000lb animal) daily, spread over several

feedings. Bucket feeding at ground level



$ 17.50 USD
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