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Beet Pulp Pellets - Canada

Product image 1Beet Pulp Pellets - Canada
Product image 2Beet Pulp Pellets - Canada

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Beet pulp is a byproduct of the sugar beet, it is a highly digestible form of fiber that offers many nutritional benefits for horses.


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Beet Pulp                                   50lb                             $16.35 CDN


Beet Pulp


1.5 to 2 % of horses body weight.


 Beet Pulp Benefits

  • A fiber source for horses with poor teeth.
  • A forage extender during hay shortages.
  • A digestive health aid for horses experiencing digestive upset.
  • A method of adding body condition to a hard keeper. Replacing an equal amount (in weight) of hay with beet pulp will result in weight gain due to its higher calorie content.
  • A good feed ingredient for horse’s sensitive to sugar or starch. Beet pulp is relatively low in sugar and starch and has a low glycemic index. 


$ 16.35 USD
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