Why Feed MAAAX LONGfibe Forage Cubes?

Why Feed MAAAX LONGfibe Forage Cubes?

1. Consistent Quality 

Grown and produced in Ontario under strict controls, MAAAX™ Equine Feed Products provide consistent quality nutrition all year long.

2. Virtually Dust Free

MAAAX™ Equine Feed reduces the risk of respiratory problems.

3. Virtually No Wastage

Every cube is consumed whereas hay can end up as very expensive bedding

4. More Energy

MAAAX™ Equine Feed cubes contain up to 50% more digestible energy than even the best quality hay.

5. Guaranteed Nutrient Content

Every MAAAX™ bag comes with a guaranteed analysis of nutrient composition. Hay varies flake to flake, bale to bale.

6. Better Grain Intake

MAAAX™ cubes encourage healthy appetites in stressed and fussy horses by increasing available fibre intake.

7. Convenient, Convenient, Convenient

MAAAX™ products are an effective way to monitor feed rations and are easy to handle, store and transport.

Horses graze up to 16 hours a day to take up enough forage and meet their chewing requirements. The forage intake should have a daily total of 1.5%-3% of body weight in dry matter including grass, hay, and straw, and of course MAAAX™ LONGfibe™ cubes to secure a complete and healthy ration. The chewing is important to produce enough saliva to buffer gastric acid and hold all digestive fluids in balance.

Fiber particle length must be above 3.6cm (1.4 inches) to prolong chewing and to increase saliva production 3-5 liters per kg of material which is needed to prevent gastric ulceration, choking and to maintain physical and mental health. MAAAX™ LONGfibe™ cubes have a minimum length of 4.5cm (1.77inches).

iTrack™ Seed to Stable Concept

Every field is inspected and certified by a third party agronomists. Inspections are mandatory at every step of production including site selection, seed establishment and throughout growth stages. This is where our trade mark iTrack™ Agra system initializes making the forage products electronically traceable for each individual bag back to the field.  


We source our forage through a network of contract growers situated near the plant. The crops are inspected by 3rd party agronomists throughout the growing season to ensure the quality and safety of the forage.


We closely monitor our harvesting window to achieve the low protein, high fiber profile in our forage. Additionally, by harvesting in the post bloom stage, there are many benefits to the grower and the environment. Some benefits include higher yields, improved soil fertility, and higher crop volume.


Using our state of the art processing plant, the forage is ground, blended, cubed, dried and cooled before it is packaged into bags. During the process, the cells of the forage are opened which provides more digestible energy per pound of forage. Product quality is monitored throughout the packaging process. Each bag of cubes is coded to allow traceability back to the field.

Take the WINNING Step with MAAAX Longfibe Forage Cubes

Nutritionist Education FAQ

Where is the forage grown and processed?
What makes the MAAAX Equine Feed forage cubes better quality than other cubes on the market?
My horse is a picky eater. Will he like this product?
I’d like to keep my horses on hay but supplement their intake with forage cubes to reduce my hay requirements. Can I do that with this product?
I have heard that forage cubes increase the risk of choke. Is that true?
Are forage cubes more costly to feed than hay?
Why would I want to feed forage cubes when I could feed hay?
I have an old horse with poor teeth; can I feed LONGfibe™ forage cubes to the horse?
How do you feed the LONGfibe™ forage cubes?
What is a LONGfibe™ forage cube?
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