GLA Logistics & Warehousing (“GLA”) a division of Great Lakes Agra Corporation location in Centralia, Ontario, Canada just north of London Ontario. GLA’s warehouse centre, provides short-term and long-term storage, fulfillment, cross-docking, trans-loading, and co-packing service.

The warehouse centre has more than 160,000 sq. of heating; unheated; and outdoor storage, four receiving/shipping docks, and one ground level loading area for prompt receiving and shipping of products. Within this facility, the company has packaging line capabilities to pack agricultural products in a variety of materials from 500-gram packages to bulk totes.

Ideally located on a major highway, the facility had access to all of the 400 series highways in Ontario and to the entire U.S. market. In addition to fulfilling its own internal requirements, Great Lakes Agra offers custom packaging, warehousing, trans-loading, and logistical services to third-party clients.

We Offer:

• Industrial/Commercial Storage
• Rapid and Accurate
• Receiving and Shipping of Goods
• Cross Docking Inbound and Outbound Logistics
• Services Pick and Pack
• Inventory Control
• Toll Packing of Dry Flowable Products (75 grams and larger)

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