Equine Choice

Equine Choice - Probiotics

Equine Choice is a probiotic product containing live – protected Saccharomyces Yeast, Bacillus bacteria – Subtillus and Lichenformis, and six digestive enzymes.  Prebiotics from inactive yeast cell wall provide - mannan oligosaccarides  (MOS) with high levels of beta glucans. In addition, B-vitamins, L-Threonine and L- Glutamine amino acids, and Vitamin E have been added to the formulation. Our palatable oat bran carrier provides additional beta glucans. Research has demonstrated that a high percentage of Equine Choice survives stomach acids and reaches the cecum or hind gut where it helps  maintain consistent pH ensuring constant appetite and proper hindgut fermentation of fiber.

Use Equine Choice to improve feed intake- particularly hay, treat digestive issues – loose stools, dry fibrous stools and gas. Equine Choice helps restore beneficial bacteria and enzymes through out the gastro intestinal tract, resulting in consistent appetite, optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients, to maintain body condition.

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