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Coming Soon- Probiotics for your dog

What are probiotics?

Quite simply, a PRO-biotic means something that is PRO (supports)  a biotic community.

Another way to describe a probiotic is to say that it is the opposite of an ANTI-biotic.

Generally speaking, probiotics are the live, naturally occurring, beneficial micro-organisms that exist in our environment and they serve us in many beneficial ways. Sufficient levels of probiotic bacteria keep the harmful micro organisms in check in many places - in addition to the inside of our digestive tract! 

Digestive probiotics are microorganisms that animals continually ingest  when they are in their natural environment and are exposed to clean, “healthy” dirt (specific strains of bacillus bacteria), a wide variety of plants(yeasts and enzymes), and raw food (enzymes). These naturally occurring microorganisms supply the body with the raw materials needed to populate the digestive system with  beneficial gut microbes.

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