Animat Horse Stall Mats

Animat has designed and manufactured rubber flooring for over 25 years. Over the years, Animat has developed rubber mats for horses with exclusive designs and properties that meet the specific requirements of the horse breeders’ modern facilities. These rubber mats for stables are long lasting and recognized for their design, quality and comfort.


Additional Comfort
The flat, non-slip, shock-absorbent surface (even when wet) provides better traction and ease of movement for your horses, thereby reducing the stress related to frequent movement.

Greater Safety
The use of rubber flooring significantly reduces the number of falls and practically eliminates serious injuries.

Improved Hygiene
Being non-porous and made of 100% recycled rubber, stall mats are easy to clean and disinfect for a healthier work and breeding environment. Unlike concrete, asphalt, bare earth and wood shavings, they don’t absorb fluids or promote the development of bacteria.

Animat Horse Stall Mats represent the perfect solution for:

  • Stalls and boxes
  • Horse walkways (horse walker)
  • Exercise areas and arenas
  • Carrousels
  • Shower rooms
  • Special mats

Animat currently offers two floor coverings for equine applications.

Animat Interlock™ Rubber Flooring System

Animat’s signature product, the Interlock™ Rubber Flooring System, represents the final word in flooring when used on concrete floors.

The Interlock™ Rubber Flooring System’s unique pebble-top design is manufactured using the highest quality 100% recycled rubber, providing excellent surface traction for all types of livestock in all types of conditions, wet or dry, with or without manure, snow or ice. The Animat Interlock™ Rubber Flooring System is the definition of comfort and safety for your horses.

The Interlock™ Rubber Flooring System adapts to any configuration or surface and may be installed virtually anywhere.  Whether it’s destined for a new or an upgraded facility, you will notice an immediate difference in the behaviour of your horse when they are on the Animat’s Interlock™ Rubber Flooring System.  Cleaning methods may include alley scrapers, flush systems, manually hosing or scraping with a rubber tire scraper on either a skid steer or tractor.

Animat’s Rubber Flooring System Criteria  

  • Must have a non-slip surface to provide exceptional traction in wet or dry conditions.
  • Must provide adequate resiliency for proper cushioning of feet and legs.
  • Must be durable for a long and useful service life.
  • Must be robust and forgiving to withstand variations in care.
  • Must be affordable.

The Interlock™ Rubber Flooring System works exceptionally well in all applications. The unique design and top quality 100% recycled rubber will provide years of use and satisfaction. Animat is the definition of comfort!

Animat Experience Counts

Animat Inc., has been in rubber manufacturing for over 25 years. They know their business and understands yours, which allows them to produce Interlock™ Rubber Flooring Systems that meet your needs and budget.

Animat Original Rubber Mats

interlockAnimat Original Rubber Mats are an effective, comfortable, long lasting and economical solution for those who want the best at an affordable price.

Animat Original Rubber Mats are made according to the same quality criteria as the Interlock™ Rubber Flooring System and designed to adapt to most standard floors.

Manufactured from 100% recycled high density re-vulcanized rubber, Animat Original Rubber Mats have an exclusive non-slip surface that does not absorb fluids, are easy to install and generate no dust, unlike straw, sawdust, sand, or rubber granules.

Animat Original Rubber Mats can be used for horse stalls, anti-fatigue mats, hockey arenas, ski stations, and many more useful applications.